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The Magic of Pilates

By on Jul 4, 2017 in Health, Science, Sport | 0 comments


pilates - The Magic of Pilates

I mentioned pilates and how it is a great method of building up core stability and whole body functional movement when I wrote, last year, about speeding up your return to health after the Christmas excesses in Healthy New Year 6 – Tweaks & ‘Cheats’.

There are plenty of other people writing about pilates too as it turns out, so I thought I’d offer up the best one I have found.

Jen Miller has written an exhaustive piece on 16 Health Benefits of Pilates, According to Science and outlines in detail the following that Pilates can do:

  1. Improves Flexibility
  2. Increases Strength
  3. Increase Core Strength
  4. Is Safe For Rehabilitation
  5. Increases Circulation
  6. Increases Lung Health
  7. Improves Concentration
  8. Increases Coordination
  9. Improves Balance
  10. Improves Posture
  11. Lowers Stress
  12. Can Bring Increased Self Awareness
  13. Can Prevent Injury
  14. Fights Insomnia
  15. Can Improve Your Brain Health
  16. Increases Energy

It’s a great review of what Pilates can do for you so enjoy the read.

It can be part of a holistic picture of good health, giving you some great functional, integrated body strength, especially if you find the right teacher.

I have a trusted contact called Katherine Banks who I always recommend people to if they want to explore taking individual or group lessons or full classes. Her number is +44 1204 394767.

Along with this, you can build some fantastic dynamic core stability by doing some Dynamic Movement Skills training, as outlined in my page on rehabilitation. The ability to keep an engaged core at the same time as being able to change direction quickly is the definition of dynamic core stability.

I’m running a great group discount offer for the new clinic in Castlefield for two to three people doing DMS training in a group. Just contact me for details.

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