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New Year – New Things

By on Jan 9, 2017 in Health, Information, News, Nutrition, Sport | 0 comments


New Things Happening

As we peel back the paper on this shiny new year to see if it is anything better than the “gift-wrapped surprise” that was 2016, I thought it was a good time to notify folk of some new things we are doing.

New Blog

My training as a Naturopath included a lot of nutritional information. There will, therefore, be more dietary and food related blogs.
I have also asked Instagram superstar @glutenfreeaddictxo to contribute some regular words. Hopefully this month or next month, she will be sharing what triggered her passion for food and what made her choose “Gluten Free” eating.
New practitioner Henna Javed will be providing some content too so stay tuned for more activity.

New Products

I’ve been busy doing some new training. I’ve learned about movement reprogramming to help rehabilitate from and prevent injury. I have also been learning how to coach runners and provide correction for running technique. I also spent some time observing coaching sessions where I recorded the fantastic footwork below.

You can find out more on the pages about running and injury rehabilitation,.
I’m developing some excellent bolt-on extras to go with these products but I haven’t got them quite right yet so watch this space.

New Clothes

Henna, Zaheer and myself are now sporting new branded polo-shirts. I thought that it would help to keep a professional informality about our work but also allow us comfort and freedom of movement as we do the job of getting you better.

If you want to have a chat about any of the new things we are doing, feel free to send a message, contact me via facebook, twitter or any of the other social-media outlets you can find me on. Alternatively, just pop in for a chat.

Looking forward to working with you this year. Lets make it great and fun.

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