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Marathon Success

By on Apr 27, 2017 in Health, Sport | 0 comments

Well done Heather for her fantastic finishing time in the London Marathon!

Heather finished in a splendid time of 04:53:55 a whole 30 minutes quicker than her previous time.

And It’s all thanks to her new technique. As well as putting in the miles on the road, Heather did the hard work of correcting her running technique. Six weekly one hour sessions of technique correction has made a huge difference to the way Heather runs and how much energy she has to put in.

See for yourself!

By improving the use of her arms, Heather has reduced the energy required in her running by somewhere between 15% and 19%, so it’s no surprise she was faster in London.
We also worked on reducing Heather’s overstride, to minimise the impact and strain going through the legs. With her feet landing closer to her centre of gravity, Heather was much more efficient as she moved. About 30 minutes more efficient by the looks of things!

Heather also helped raise about £30,000 for Dogs Trust which is a fantastic effort.

Well done Heather!


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