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The transformation of our garage took about eighteen months. From a scruffy, ugly, shack-like hovel to a pretty cottage-garden type building. The difference is dramatic when you compare the two states below.

Transformation takes time and it isn’t easy.

We had to do a lot of sanding and scraping, but everybody joined in. From Harry having a good bash at the door with a paint scraper to me on a ladder with a wire brush on the end of an electric drill. Then there was some filling around the window frames and some of the wood on the doors. The gutter needed quite a lot of attention and we had to clear large quantities of weeds from the garden just to get to the garage in the first place.

Then we painted and painted and painted, undercoat, top coat, masonry paint for the sills and render. Then painted again to get the bits we had missed!


Finally, Mrs Green put up the fairy lights and home-made bunting (ask about that sometime) and cut the stencils in the window film. Together we both stuck the film on each window and stepped outside. What a transformation! (Now the inside needs transformation but that will probably take some time.)

Transformation is normally permanent

The other major recent transformation we tackled was the lounge.

The room was damp and dinghy, plaster was literally dropping off the walls due to water coming in from next-door’s garage. Many of our friends delighted in coming to help knock it all off and throw it in the skip. Once it was stripped back to brick, insulation board was put on the walls, a plasterer skimmed it and we got the painter in.
Our painter put in a week of graft, preparing, then painting the walls and the woodwork. I think it took at least a day and a half for him to do the large ceiling, coving and above the picture rails.

Once all that was done, I managed to source a piece of slate for the hearth and we painted and replaced the mantlepiece. A carpet made the transformation complete once furniture returned. Or so I thought!
One of the small sofas was replaced with a big ‘family’ one (not shown).

This is how it stays. The preparation to prevent the water coming in again was very thorough. My father-in-law painted the walls with damp proof render. Then he fixed damp proof membrane. Finally the insulation and plasterboard went up. We also fixed a proper custom-formed gutter to the side of the house. This caught all the water coming off the garage roof and directed it into the drain.


We designed this transformation to be permanent and solid, planning for it to last for at least my lifetime.

What transformation can you expect in your health?

We aim to provide permanent health-improving transformation. This is definitely possible, if patients work with us and put in the time and effort.

Often people seem to expect instant miracles. A body might have been working in one way for many years to get the point where it hurts like it does. It takes time and effort to get the body to do something different. Regular reminders of correct function may be necessary to begin with.

Doing your “homework” and putting in the effort as well as us doing all we can with our experience and expertise is the only way to get true, permanent transformation.
To maintain excellent health after the transformation, we recommend maintenance treatment. This varies from person to person. For people, monthly appointments are about right. For others, a visit every six months is all that they require.

Why not make a start on your transformation now?

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