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How To Prevent Repetitive Strain

By on Feb 28, 2018 in Health, Information, Science | 0 comments

repetitive strain injury


Repetitive strain or RSI!

If you’re suffering from joint pain then getting in touch with the best osteopath Manchester has to offer would certainly be a wise idea!

Repetitive strain injuries can occur in a variety of ways and it’s certainly something you want to try prevent before it becomes a problem for you… and you find you can’t walk, run, hop, skip, jump… you get the idea! These tips from the Guardian should set you on the path to greatness once again, however, so have a quick read to see what ideas you can glean.
First up, don’t ignore the problem and simply put up with it. It can start off with mild symptoms, but if you don’t take efforts to deal with the problem, then it can quickly become debilitating. Over time you may notice an increase in stiffness and tingling sensations, along with pain.
When you’re at work and in an office environment where you are typing all day, try and be conscious of making sure you use both hands to type so that you don’t put unnecessary strain on one hand.
If you are able to, try to stand up from your desk every fifteen to twenty minutes and move your body around to release tension and stiffness in joints. Areas such as your back and shoulders might feel the most strain from being seated all day. When at your desk make sure your seat and posture are in the best position to make you as comfortable as can be when working, eye level to screen with your wrists and arms flat and supported on the desk.
Stretching can be a great activity to prevent and keep symptoms under control if you suffer with repetitive strain injury. One of the best is the prayer stretch – hold this pose for around 15 to 20 seconds each time. Amen!

Also, you can download our free ergonomically corrected workstation setup diagrams to give you some pointers.

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