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Naturopathy: what to expect

Naturopathy: what to expect

You might think £200 is a lot of money for Naturopathy.

It is!

Therefore, you will get a lot of value packed in for your £200 initial Naturopathy appointment.

In summary:

  • 1 hour initial fact-finding naturopathy appointment
  • Full osteopathic structural examination
  • Full dietary analysis (not on the day but covered by the cost)
  • Specific personally-tailored dietary guidance & advice
  • Osteopathic treatment (if necessary)
  • Advice on use of hydrotherapy (if necessary)
  • E-mail support

Your initial Naturopathy appointment will be booked for 1 hour. This ensures that Alex has enough time to ask all the necessary questions and find out all the important facts about you, your problem and your specific requirements.

You will then, more than likely, be asked to fill in a diet diary for two weeks so that Alex can analyse what you are currently eating, what nutrients you intake sufficiently and where there may be gaps in essential dietary elements. If you would like to download and fill in a diet diary for two weeks prior to booking your appointment, Alex can take it at your session and analyse it, shortening your wait for the information you need.

Once Alex has a record of your dietary intake for two weeks, he will analyse it thoroughly and then provide a list of suggestions and nutritional improvements designed to maximise your healing potential. If there are other interventions, these will be recommended at the same time.

This analysis takes time and that is what is reflected in the price of the first Naturopathy appointment. Alex will work for a number of hours to tailor a naturopathic programme specifically for you with all the relevant information so you can learn what nutrients you need, what foods they are found in and alternative supplements should you have food intolerances or preferences.

Naturopathy is different from nutritional therapy or seeing a dietician. The skeleton, muscular and nervous systems are also considered using osteopathic examination to ensure nothing is affecting the digestive tract or other organs. Naturopathy appointments are accompanied by a full osteopathic examination, assessing, among other things, general and specific mobility and muscle tone. If appropriate, osteopathic treatment will also be given at the first consultation.

Follow-up appointments are charged at the standard rate for 1/2 hour appointments as they are likely to comprise osteopathic treatment and occasionally some minor adjustments to the nutritional programme.

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