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What Is Pelvic Girdle Pain?

By on Sep 10, 2018 in Health, Information, Science | 0 comments

Pelvic Girdle Pain

You may be considering cranial osteopathy for your baby but what about osteopathy for yourself?

If you are awaiting your newborn baby’s arrival then you may well be experiencing something professionally known as PGP, which stands for pelvic girdle pain. Though this is very common in pregnancy it isn’t normal and you should seek help for it.

But what is PGP?

It’s actually an umbrella term that’s used to describe pelvic pain which can occur in pregnancy. This can include SPD or symphysis pubis dysfunction, which occurs specifically in the symphysis pubis joint and has received significant attention in recent years. It can also include pain in the other hip joints including those around the sacrum.

You may feel pain:

  • in your lower back
  • in your symphysis pubis joint
  • in your sacroiliac joints (which are at the back of your pelvis)
  • in your groin
  • at the front and the back of your thigh
  • at the back of your lower leg
  • around your hips
  • in your pelvic floor and around the opening to your vagina and your anus (your perineum).

One of the most frustrating aspects of PGP is that it can make movements that you took for granted painful, such as rolling over in bed or lying on your back. These pains can be worse at night, particularly after a day where you have been quite active or overdone it a bit.

Osteopathy could help you so if you get any PGP symptoms make sure you discuss it with your midwife, and if necessary come and see us for some advice on how we can relieve this pain.

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