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Treatment Reaction

When a person receives osteopathic treatment for the first time, he / she should notice some form of reaction.

In the majority of cases, people will feel better within days, hours and in many cases within minutes. Other patients may feel slightly ill for an hour or so, in a few cases for a day or two, then they begin to feel better.

Of course, everybody is different and we all react differently, therefore it is not possible to predict with any degree of accuracy how each individual will react to treatment or how many treatments will be needed.

A simple analogy is that of a housekeeper who has been incapacitated for some time and on their return to household work, makes a thorough spring clean. Similarly, following treatment based on natural principles, i.e. Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, and other forms of drugless medicine, the Central Nervous System will start to clear the accumulated rubbish (toxins and waste materials) from the organs and glands.

It is during this cleansing process (sometimes called the “Healing Crisis” when more severe than usual) that the recipient of treatment feels ‘under the weather’. As these waste products are being eliminated, they are, of course, carried via the blood stream and this accounts for the odd headaches and grogginess.

Within a few weeks (sometimes only days or hours) after treatment, these discomfort pass away and the constructive repair work proceeds, aches and pains giving way to ease and flexibility making life feel so much more worthwhile and enjoyable.

After the treatment of children, sometimes, they may react in a way in which they become more excitable / active for a time, at other times, they may be very tired and sleep for an extremely long time. In the case of infants you are very likely to see an increase in the number of soiled nappies as the body begins its detoxification process.
As with adults, at first children may seem ‘worse’ for a while before their condition improves.

In any situation, if you would like more information, please ask one of the osteopaths.

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