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Suspended Treatments

Suspended Treatments

The Bolton clinic is now offering ‘Suspended Treatments’

The concept of a ‘Suspended Treatment’ is derived from the idea of a ‘Suspended Coffee’, something that was pioneered in the working class cafés of Naples, an anonymous act of charity by someone who had experienced good fortune whereby they would pay in advance for a cup of coffee, but leave it unconsumed so that someone falling on hard times could enter the café and receive a free drink.

A ‘Suspended Treatment’ is really no different, but it is scaling up the charitable act. There are two ways it can be accommodated within the current pricing structure.

You pay for two treatments when you have received just one and leave the other one available for someone to claim.
You hand in your full reward card, but pay for the treatment that would have been free, enabling someone else to benefit from your free session.
The first option relies on your charitability, the second on mine!

If you feel in need of a ‘Suspended Treatment’, please email or telephone the clinic to check if any are available. Should a ‘Suspended Treatment’ not be available, the clinic can offer delayed or staged payment depending on your circumstances.
Another way to get a free session is to persuade two of your friends to come in for treatment before you, that way you get two referrals which automatically qualifies you for a free session.

St George’s Multi-Therapy Centre is situated in Bolton, just outside the town centre.

St George’s Multi-Therapy Centre
50 St George’s Road
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