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Exercises & Stretches

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. Edward Smith-Stanley

These exercises and stretches are only to be used on specific recommendation and under strict supervision by a fully qualified, registered Osteopath.

You will need Acrobat reader to view the files.


Lower Back Stretch
Low Back & Sacro-Iliac Stretch
Sacro-Iliac Stretch
Mid Back Stretch
Upper Back Stretch
Upper Back & Mid Back Stretch combined document


Hip & Knee Exercises

Frozen Shoulder Exercises

These exercises are only to be used in conjunction with treatment by a therapist trained in the ‘Neil-Asher-Technique’. Using them without the guidance of a suitably qualified professional could cause more harm than good.

Frozen Shoulder Exercise Guide (Provided by Simeon Neil-Asher)
Exercises for Frozen Shoulder (Taken From “How to treat your own Frozen Shoulder” by Simeon Neil-Asher)

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