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Osteopath in Bolton Alex Green, Cranial Osteopathy specialist

Osteopathy is regularly used to treat  joint problems, muscle injuries, nerve pain, spinal pain including neck pain, upper back pain and lower back pain. Bolton Osteopath Alex is a certified practitioner in the treatment of “frozen shoulder” and can also offer relief from your headaches, sciatica, work and sports related injuries and repetitive strain injuries. Alex works with Bolton Osteopath team Zaheer Abbas and Henna Javed to cover all your health care needs.

‘Normal’ does not simply mean a readjustment of bones to normal position

A.T. Still

Osteopathy is a respected and effective healthcare approach, emphasising the harmony and balance between body’s structure and function. Osteopathy is distinctive in recognising that daily, we absorb stress from many sources.

Osteopath Alex Green can restore your health. You will dance out after seeing the osteopath

Osteopathy helps patient and practitioner discover the source of  stress and make alterations. This may mean in the person’s habits, posture, work practices or other activities. Osteopaths also use hands-on treatment of body tissues to help the body  release tension. If you are looking for an osteopath or cranial osteopath in Manchester, come and see Alex Green and his team – registered Osteopaths and Manchester cranial osteopathy specialists who work in three different locations across the Greater Manchester area.


Osteopathic treatment almost always includes some form of physical touch / manual therapy, which may be very gentle and almost imperceptible or might require slightly more energetic techniques. Osteopathy covers a large number of techniques, from stretching to massaging, joint movement to spinal ‘cracking’, rhythmical rocking to very subtle & gentle body positioning. All techniques are aimed at facilitating normal function in the body and reducing the chances of problems reccurring. Seeing the body as a whole, Osteopaths will not only focus on the pain, but may sometimes treat areas that are not showing symptoms, to remove ‘invisible’ barriers that inhibit the body from healing itself.

Alex and Henna also specialise in the techniques used in what has become known as ‘cranial osteopathy‘ which has taken a lot of extra training and experience. When looking for a cranial osteopath in Manchester, the ‘Gold standard’ of training is with the Sutherland Cranial college, of which Alex is now a Fellow, having completed their entire postgraduate education programme.

Osteopath Training

Osteopaths spend a minimum of four years training in the medical sciences, and in addition are highly skilled in accurate diagnosis and treatment using their hands.

If you have heard about cranial osteopathy and people having lasting recoveries from injury or other body structure conditions, Bolton Osteopath Alex may be the cranial osteopath Manchester or Bolton people are talking about, he has received many plaudits from satisfied customers. Follow this link to read all the five star reviews

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