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Alex Green

Alex Green Cranial Osteopath in Manchester Bolton Cheshire

Alex trained at the “British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy”. The foundation for the approach Alex uses as an osteopath is in the Naturopathic principles of holistic treatment and optimum nutrition / lifestyle. The Osteopathic techniques he uses help to create an environment where the body can heal itself. As an Osteopath, he does not treat only symptoms, but considers each person within their environment and treats the person.

Alex continues to develop his Osteopathic skills with over 30 hours every year of continual profession development and has now completed the Sutherland Cranial College Pathway studying “Osteopathy in the Cranial Field”.

Alex is a passionate, committed Christian and brings his Christian values of honesty, integrity and high moral and ethical standards into the workplace. These values and principles will underpin your treatment session because “everything is spiritual“.

In 2010, Alex put his Christian principles into radical action and opened a free clinic for babies and children at the church he attends. This clinic was very popular early on with not only the users of the parent and toddler group and local community in Old Trafford, but also people from further afield. The desire to open this free clinic was driven by both the closure of the OCC Manchester and a feeling that God had been calling him to give more away (not because he is rich, he isn’t!).
The free clinic has subsequently closed as the demand for it dropped in 2015/2016 but Alex will always try to accommodate people who need treatment but can’t afford normal fees.

Alex is the happy father of three children currently aged 12, 10 and 3, so has plenty of experience in all the ups and downs of parenting.

His other interests include cycling, rock climbing and any sport involving a ball!

Registration Number: 4466/F

More than just an Osteopath!

When you visit Alex, you are getting more than just ‘standard Osteopathy’. You are investing in your own wellbeing and physical health and, at the same time, buying into a different ethos.

I’m sure you will agree that ‘cheap’ is often more expensive in the long-run, and whilst Alex is by no-means the most expensive Osteopath to see, by paying a little bit more for the excellent service you receive not only ensures you are getting the best possible treatment, but it also enables Alex to donate FREE or reduced cost Osteopathy to people that wouldn’t normally be able to afford Osteopathic treatment at all.

Investing in Osteopathy provided by Alex creates a platform not only for improving your personal health, but also to facilitate the improving well-being of others, both local and worldwide.


British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy – BSc Hons (Ost) D.N. D.O.
British School of Osteopathy – Osteopathy in the Cranial Field: Modules 1 & 2
Sutherland Cranial College – Osteopathy in the Cranial Field: Completed training programme. – F.S.C.C.O.
Sutherland Cranial College – Osteopathic Approach to Internal Medicine
One Day Study Course – Diagnosis and Treatment of ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).
Two Day Programme – Biomechanics of Running – The Running School
Two Day Programme – Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation – The Running School
One Day Course – Dynamic Movement Skills – The Running School

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