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New Seasons

By on Oct 26, 2015 in Information, News | 0 comments

new season

This is late but the days are just packed.

It has been said there is only one constant in life: change!

This autumn, we are in a season of change. I took a walk through the woods at Northaw with my family over this weekend and both the trees that we saw on the way and all through the woods were in a spectacular demonstration of change. The green leaves turning through the many and various shades of yellow, green, red and orange, many of them still clinging to the branches but some scattering the ground in glorious technicolour.

I’m not sure who’s idea it was, but somebody decided it would be a good idea to turn our fingers into pin-cushions and forage for chestnuts. Here and there, from bright green to darker brown, chestnut cases were in different stages of bursting open to show the sometimes bulging and fat and sometimes withered and wrinkled contents. My nephew developed a ‘stamp and twist’ technique which reduced the hand-spiking a little, but we continuously jabbed our fingertips on spiky protective shells until we had a bag full of chestnuts ready to roast.

Since the last time we walked those woods as a family, there has been lots of change, we’ve moved house, the kids have grown up, our eldest boy and my eldest nephew have started secondary school.

And the clinic is also changing.

As we wave goodbye to Mandy Ryan who has been with us for about six years, to go and have a baby (final clinic Tuesday 27th October), we welcome Mr Zaheer Abbas – an experienced osteopath with whom I have worked for a while at the Williams’ Osteopathic Clinic in Sale.

Zaheer is a true expert in the medico-legal field and has spent many years dealing with personal injury assessments. Osteopaths are ideally placed for this kind of assessment work and Zaheer’s skill set has given him the opportunity to excel in this arena. He has also specialised in the care of weight lifters, treating some of the world champions in Benchlifting and Powerlifting.

Lastly, the clinic is having a major design overhaul. I have enlisted the services of Phil Neave of Neave Creative and the re-branding process is in full flow, you may have noticed the change in clinic and domain name, further changes will become more obvious as time goes by. I’m really excited about what Phil has come up with, a clever, fresh, simple and powerful logo and brand identity, something we can be really proud of.

Watch this space!

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