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The foundation of Naturopathy is in understanding of the “healing power of nature”. This means that within every person there is the ability to self-heal. Naturopathy aims to stimulate the natural self healing from within mind, body and spirit. The approach used to support and stimulate this natural healing ability must be in “the gentlest, least invasive, most efficient manner possible”.

Naturopathy recognises that the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical states must all be treated for a lasting effect. With this in mind, Alex uses specifically-tailored natural methods like dietary alterations, fasting and the application of hot or cold to the body to treat you.

Alex’s philosophy of naturopathy is “to diagnose and treat the cause” an approach that underpins Osteopathy too. Naturopathy (and osteopathy) does not simply treat the symptopms of the disease but rather searches for the cause and treats it.

Alex Green, Osteopath and Naturopath uses dietary changes, detox fasting, hydrotherapy and other lifestyle changes, coupled with hands-on osteopathic intervention, to effect healing and improved wellbeing.

When seeing Alex in Manchester and Bolton, you will not be given herbal remedies or asked to purchase expensive supplements. You will not be sent away for testing or asked to provide samples of anything to be chemically examined, Alex’s approach to naturopathy is much more, well… natural!

What to expect for £200.

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