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Learning from the Best

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Anita Hewitt – 1965 – 2015 was the principal osteopath of the Williams Osteopathic Clinic in Sale and one of the best osteopaths I know. I started working with Anita in 2003 when she offered me some work at the clinic. From that point onwards, I always felt like I was learning. I was learning by observation, by technique sharing, by spending time examining cases together and taking part in joint continual professional development activities.

Anita was the embodiment of a holistic practitioner, caring for the physical and emotional needs of her patients and also taking a genuine interest in them and their lives. She was a highly skilled osteopath, not only caring for but also learning from her clients, to adapt and craft a package of care that suited them precisely.

Working in the same clinic, seeing some of the same patients, sharing ideas and on occasion, treatments and watching Anita always learning (there was regularly an open anatomy book or other study aid on the desk after she left the clinic) meant that I was also inspired to be always learning.

Anita taught me how to value patients more than I had been taught to at university. Not just because at university, there was no financial incentive, but because in private practice, I could see, with Anita’s guidance, that with every individual treatment, we are reaching into people’s lives to help them recover from pain and injury. With that joy of helping people, there comes a responsibility and the dedication with which I witnessed Anita’s complete and rounded approach to the responsibility of whole-person care in osteopathic practice, inspired the continuous learning process.

Anita had such pleasure in the practice of osteopathy it was infectious, her infatuation with improving standards of care and going a step beyond just the basics caught my attention as I’m sure it did many others and it has driven my desire to carry that exceptional approach to the care of patients on in her continued legacy and for both my own good and that of my clients.

We all mourn her loss and we all strive to carry on, following her excellent example of exceptional osteopathic care to anyone who walks through our door.

Anita will be missed but never forgotten and always honoured by the way I continue to practice holistic care with the same diligence she did.

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