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Healthy New Year 6 – Tweaks & ‘Cheats’

By on Feb 20, 2015 in Health | 0 comments


“If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
Eddie Guerrero

I can’t cheat my way out of this, if you doubted me, then you were right to! I didn’t manage to make six posts in January (though it did turn into seven). Here’s the last one in the series.

But here are the final bits and bobs to wrap up the healthy start to the new year that you were hoping to make. Hopefully it isn’t too late for you. Maybe you can start again on the first of March if you feel like you’ve dropped behind. These tweaks and the odd cheat will give you the edge over just slogging it out day by day. You can’t completely cheat your way to health, but a cheat here and there can definitely help.


Most of these are reminders and recaps from previous posts in the series.

  • Cut out refined sugar, i.e. don’t add sugar to food. Honey is as bad for your teeth but there is a debate about the body’s response to honey and you could do worse than catch up by reading the well researched and referenced article ““Is Honey Bad for You or Good?”“.
  • Cut out foods that contain refined sugar. Breakfast cereals are by far the worst culprits. The amount of added sugar even to ‘healthy’ cereals is obscene, just go and read a label on a cereal box (some exceptions). Look at eating oats for breakfast and sweeten with chopped fruit.
  • Some people advocate trying not eating different food groups together, i.e. keeping protein rich meals low in carbohydrate and vice versa. There is some evidence that this can be good for some people, perhaps you might find it worth a try.
  • Take your own lunch. It gives you ultimate control over your nutrition, not having to rely on ‘what you can get’ and not really knowing what is in it.

These are turbochargers for your healthy new year, a quick cheat, a short-cut or two.

  • Take the 5:2 diet approach onboard. It is well researched and not at all difficult to achieve.
  • Take cold showers! The health benefits are quite surprising and you get used to it very quickly. Read this article for the full lowdown, but I speak from experience, I have more energy, haven’t been ill, have lost body fat and my skin is clearer! All in just two months of cold showering.
  • Cut out milk from your drinks. It is only a small amount but all the calories build up and every one counts (except chocolate after 9pm or chips walking home after a pint [yes I am joking, they do actually count as well]).
  • Eat only a grapefruit for breakfast. (Look it up for yourself!)


With a bit of luck, this series has given you a few tips on how to get going and continue your ‘healthy new year’ with a degree of success.

Stick with it, you can get there. If you feel like you’ve failed or slipped up, just start again the next day, you won’t have lost all progress.

Health is a journey, not a destination. The body is constantly dealing with strain, tension, fighting disease and pathogens and if you follow only a few of the ideas that I’ve shared, you’ll be better off than you were before, especially if you cheat a little.

Have fun, cheat away and do feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

As for me… I’ve still not started that exercise programme, but feel like I’ve offset it with all the extra work renovating the house so as soon as that is done, I’ll be pilatesing my way to even better health and grabbing every ‘cheat’ I can lay my hands on. Watch this space.


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