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Free Treatment

Free paediatric osteopathy


Please read this first.

I can offer three options at the Bolton clinic for those struggling with cost.

  1. Pay what you can, when you can.
  2. Donate to charity
  3. Free for unemployed / unwaged

Please clear one of these options with me before you book an appointment. I can make a note on your file and keep it confidential. Please contact me via email, tweeting, Instagram or send a Facebook message first.

The offer is limited to under 16s, but if you are genuinely struggling to cover costs, something can often be done. Please discuss fees with me at your first appointment so we can make a suitable arrangement.


“If I had spent a fortune in pictures I should not have had it to spend in other ways which seem to me more important. Why should I hang fortunes on my walls while there is so much misery in the world?”

George Cadbury

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